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Tabular post round-up

December 21, 2011

When I worked at Microsoft on the Analysis Services team, I posted a great deal of content about the tabular model on my MSDN blog. For those of you who haven’t seen those posts before, they’re definitely worth a review. Here they are by category.

All about the tabular designer

This is about how the tools are designed. Once you understand how we built the tabular designer, and how tabular projects work under the covers, you can use the tools most effectively.

Core tabular modeling functionality

This is some core conceptual material around tabular model features (security, scale, DirectQuery, etc).

Management, administration, and automation

Obviously this is a space where the Analysis Services team could improve the documentation. I get asked for information about how to manage models all the time. Here is my collection of posts on the topic so far.

Tips and tricks

Finally, a grab bag

Bonus: the DAX Editor

Not a blog post, but a project. The DAX Editor is a Visual Studio add-in for editing those DAX expressions and queries. Pick it up from CodePlex.

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