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Upcoming virtual and physical tabular BI sessions this month

March 14, 2012

Tomorrow morning, at 10 AM Pacific, I will be presenting Building a BI Portal for the Tabular Model in webinar format for the PASS BI virtual chapter. Click here to join the meeting. This is the same talk I will be giving at the regular session of SQLBits X in London at the end of the month.

Next up is SQL Saturday #114 in Vancouver. I was pulled in at the last minute to do a second talk, so I will be doing tabular modeling 101 at 9:30 AM and DirectQuery at 3:45 PM. The morning session is gentle, the afternoon session more challenging. The DirectQuery talk is cool because I have some tricks to model around DirectQuery limitations. Tabular modeling 101 is conceptually similar the talk I gave at SQL PASS in November. The DirectQuery talk is an hour long chunk of the pre-conference session I will be giving in London on Thursday March 29.

Looks like there are still seats available for the tabular BI pre-con on the 29th. If you’re around, do feel free to grab a seat and come it. It should be pretty technical. There are some great DirectQuery and row security samples – I am pretty excited about those demos. The multidimensional vs tabular hour, though entirely devoid of demos, is entertaining and educational enough that you may well be able to stomach an entire hour of PowerPoint! There is another foray into theory when we talk about perf and processing (and oh, we will talk about processing), but quickly we will jump back into practice and there will be lots and lots of time devoted to managing tabular models.

Hope to see you there.

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