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Least discoverable feature: Changing the cube name in the tabular model

April 17, 2012

Tabular models have cube names. This is unintuitive – we’re supposed to be done with cubes, right? Well as we have seen in previous AMO and SSIS posts, under the covers tabular models are still composed of cubes, data sources, data source views, dimensions, and measure groups. The cube concept has not gone away.

The cube name of the tabular model gets exposed to end users in a few places. One is in the “Cube Browser” in SQL Server Management Studio. (I put “Cube Browser” in air quotes as the MDX query designer is not a great component for browsing cubes.  Feel free to vote up and add comments to an existing bug tracking the “Cube Browser” on Connect. I digress).


Another place is in Excel when connecting to a model:


All cubes are named model by default. You can change the default cube name as follows:

  1. Open a tabular project in SSDT.
  2. Right-click the project in the Solution Explorer and then click Properties.
  3. Change the Cube Name property to the new name.


PS – in tabular models, it is one cube per model only. The engine enforces this restriction.

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